MGMA Membership

An association with over 55,000 members that supports the business of medical practice.

What is MGMA membership?

MGMA is an organization focused on the success of medical professionals in the healthcare industry. They offer mentor-to-peer and peer-to-peer support system and many resources, both digital and hard-copy.

What does MGMA stand for?

MGMA stands for Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). It is a national professional association in which the members are healthcare administrators and practice leaders. It also produces the most widely used compensation survey among in-house physician recruiters according to ASPR Benchmarking Survey.

What is MGMA salary?

MGMA salary

What is MGMA data?

MGMA data

What does MGMA mean?

MGMA meaning

How do I get CMPE certified?

To get CMPE certified, you must

What is MGMA Physician Compensation?

MGMA physician compensation is

How much money is an RVU worth?

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How many members does MGMA have?

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